Monday, February 17, 2020

Marketing and PromotionBuilding the image and the brand Essay

Marketing and PromotionBuilding the image and the brand - Essay Example To begin with, it is simple. The simplicity is evident by the choice of two colours; whereby, purple is the background, and white represents the wordings. Thus, it makes it easy to describe and memorise. Second, the logo is timeless. Reason being, it is less trendy therefore it would be relevant for a long time. Third, the logo is versatile. Thus, it makes it possible to be printed in diverse sizes; over various mediums; and dissimilar purposes without losing its significance. Finally, the logo has entirely targeted its audience. This is evident by the use of purple and white colours. Purple meaning royalty and nobility whereas white meaning brilliance and safety. (Mallon) On a personal perspective, the logo for the Art Gallery of NSW would not benefit from any modification. Reason being; it has fully utilized the qualities of a good logo. These qualities include being simple; versatile; appropriate; memorable; timeless and distinctive. Consequently, they will have more customers; because they will have a good feeling towards the Gallery.

Monday, February 3, 2020

Using Your adopt a Business Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Using Your adopt a Business - Assignment Example On that note, pre-purchase involve an awareness of the clients such as the products and services they want. Additionally, in sensitization of awareness, the retailer must learn the preferences and tastes of clients and receive a reliable feedback (Jefferson). That aspect brings us to information search. In order to gather a database related to customers, the business retailer should venture in the field and ask questions. Similarly, after information search an evaluation of alternatives and decision concerning purchase is significant. Furthermore, in a service encounter stage, an evaluation of contacts in terms of low and high should be considered. This assists in understanding of the servuction system and implications on service delivery in the business and how it affects clients. Additionally, in the post-purchase stage, a strict analysis of service performance is imperative in order to plan for future intentions. However, in Flower of Service Model there are various dimensions of how the business fits. For example, starting with business core service, payment before any delivery is extended to the customers. Furthermore, in terms of customer satisfaction, when one petal of the flower is broken such as hospitality during service, clients are bound to complain. Therefore, in applying Flower of Service Model, the retailer receives information through consultation from various sources (Mary). In addition, the retailer should consider taking orders earlier to avoid running out of stock. This will involve recording billings of stock and purchases made and profits and losses incurred. Alternatively, in terms of enhancement and facilitation of customer processes, the model, customers need to given relevant information connected to commodities and services offered by the retailer. Additionally, information should cover issues of sales, product change, warnings and reminders among others. There are numerous